Value and performance you can count on! Our customers choose BRICKFORM because BRICKFORM consistently provides quality products and services at competitive prices. Top quality materials and responsive personal service are the standards by which BRICKFORM operates.
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Smith Paints

Smith Paint Products began manufacturing paint in 1929, supplying the central Pennsylvania market with products and services. Since then, we have developed thousands of specialized formulas for specific applications. Advances in coating technology have allowed us to expand our product line to include environmentally.......
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Triangle Coatings

Triangle Coatings’ business began in 1932 as a small, regional paint manufacturer. We offered users quality coatings, quick service, and immediate access to chemical information and technical advice. As we grew, we established ourselves as a reliable and knowledgeable source for standard and specialty paints and coatings made available in small and large quantities.
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Z Counter Form

Finally, a countertop form that was truly designed to allow you to build beautiful, cast-in-place, concrete countertops.With the patented Z Counterform you simply place 1/2" cement backer board on top of the cabinets and fasten the Z Counterform to the edges and back wall. After the concrete has been poured and cured, you simply pull and snap off the Z Counterform to reveal a beautiful, smooth edge. Its that easy! Z Counterforms are the perfect DIY concrete countertop solution. We have all the concrete countertop supplies you need for your job.
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Kraft Tools

As a trusted name in the hand tool industry, Kraft Tool is proud of the “Hand Krafted” workmanship attributed to every product. Our goal is simple: Maintain quality, provide good service and offer new innovative products.
Kraft Tool’s product line is manufactured for the Professional Craftsman. Our tools are created for everyday use by the professional cement finisher, brick mason, asphalt paver, tile setter, plasterer or drywall craftsman
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Pulse Bae

Pulse-Bac started over 15 years ago when our founder’s passion for taking what he saw and making it better lead to a discovery.  Our founder, David McCutchen,  noticed something very simple that most people tended to overlook or simply accepted as the norm. What was this simple thing? The almost inescapable loss of suction that occurred with most vacuums used in the construction industry. This of course was caused by the filter becoming clogged with fine dust and debris and cutting off the airflow to the vacuum motor......
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Since 1993

Purpose of Decorative Concrete Systems

To provide a fast, efficient, cost effective way to get decorative concrete products to our customers throughout the Northwest.